Friday, November 23, 2012

On Sale December 8

The first book in a new series The Wolves of White Ridge.

Jeremy is a lone werewolf, but he is drawn into a world he rejected long ago. 

When he was sixteen, his Alpha and his father discovered he was gay and attempted to “beat the gayness” out of him. He escaped his pack and has never looked back, refusing to even consider living within pack territory again because of the way his own pack betrayed him.

As soon as Rand Hunter, Alpha of White Ridge Pack, meets Jeremy, he knows that the werewolf is his mate. He has to be patient, however. Jeremy is obviously hiding a painful past. He vows to do whatever he must to make Jeremy feel safe within White Ridge Pack.
When Jeremy’s old pack members show up in White Ridge, Rand must do whatever it takes to protect his mate and eliminate any threat to his pack. And he must make Jeremy understand that he belongs to White Ridge Pack and its Alpha…forever.

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