Friday, June 1, 2012

Cover for Guardian's Vow

Book Two: Guardian's Vow (publication date: June 16, 2012)
How do you prove that you are not a traitor? That is the question that Gibor Vane must figure out a way to answer. As a member of the Guardians of the Gray Tower, Gibor is unswervingly loyal to his king and country, but now that loyalty is in question. Someone has betrayed the king, and he is the main suspect. When Lael Monchmart shows up in his home village to inform Gibor that he is under suspicion, and that Lael has been sent to bring Gibor back, Gibor is stunned. In the village to be close to his dying father, he feels emotionally wrecked by the news and by his reaction to Lael.

Lael does not believe that Gibor is guilty, but he must follow his orders. He has been attracted to Gibor for quite a while but has not acted on that attraction because Gibor is so much younger than he is. Also, Lael is one of Gibor’s commanding officers, and he knows that having a relationship with someone under his charge is never a good idea. But the attraction he feels for Gibor is impossible to resist, and when he learns that Gibor feels the same, he surrenders to the passion that overwhelms them both.

As they journey to Winterreach and the fate that awaits Gibor, danger follows them. Gibor and Lael must rely on each other and their growing feelings in order to survive.

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